Cycling Tour Jobs

Current cycling tour jobs listing:

Updated August 29, 2016



July 2016          IT Manager                                       Berkeley, CA
July 2016          IT Programmer                              Berkeley, CA
July 2016          IT Project Scheduler                    Berkeley, CA


DuVine Cycling & Adventure Co         

Aug 2016          Internationa Bicycle Tour Guides        International
Aug  2016         California Bicycle Tour Guides              California based
Aug  2016         Director of Marketing                                Boston, MA
Aug  2016         Content Marketing Writer/Editor         Boston, MA
Aug  2016         Inside Sales Associate                               Boston, MA
Aug  2016         Internships                                                     Boston, MA

Experience Plus:

Open 2017         Bicycle Fleet Mechanics          Forlì, Italy


La Fuga:

Aug 2016          Brand, Social Media, Content Coordinator          London, UK
Aug 2016         Tour Sales Manager                  London, UK
Aug 2016         Office Administrator                 London, UK


Rapha Travel:

Aug 2016          Travel Specialist               London, UK


Sports Tours International:

Open 2017          Cycling Logistics Manager          Manchester, UK
Open 2017          Bike Mechanics                                 Manchester, UK


Trek Travel:

Aug 2016          Guide Services Coordinator          Madison, WI
Aug 2016         Trip Consultant                                   Madison, WI
Aug 2016         Outside Sales Rep                                Madison, WI


Note:  Tour Guide and Trip Leader recruitment is open on an ongoing basis for most companies, but official hiring and training usually take place during the winter months.  This list will be updated when companies officially open their guide recruiting and hiring season.

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