6 hot destinations for winter cycling tours

winter cycling tours

If it’s already starting to get chilly where you are, it’s time to think about escaping the cold at some point this winter to get in some quality training.  Many companies offer winter cycling tours or training camps in warmer European regions. Here is a list of six popular winter cycling destinations in Europe, and the tour companies that can get you there.  Keep in mind – these places are not flat! Be prepared for lots of happy climbing.


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Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands. Many pro teams make Tenerife their winter training home. There is very little flat terrain, perfect for all you mountain goats. The Mount Teide volcano rises to 3,718 meters, and the summit of this massive climb reaches 2,100 meters. Bring your climbing legs.

Pro Ride Tenerife:  November – March
Bike Point Tenerife:  October – April
Polka Dot Cycling:  February –  March
Sports Tours International:  November – May
Cycle Classic Tours:  February – March


Gran Canaria

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With warm temperatures and endless sunshine year round, this rugged island is an excellent escape from the cold. Gran Canaria is the winter training home of several pro teams. With lots of quiet roads, high altitude and long climbs that rival those of the Alps, it’s the perfect winter training spot.

Col Conquerors: November – March
Thomson Bike Tours: February – March
Cycle Classic Tours:  October – March
La Fuga:  February – March



winter cycling tours


Everyone goes to Mallorca! With more varied terrain, it’s ideal if you don’t want to spend your entire training camp climbing. You can of course climb to your heart’s content, but there are also flatter coastal roads and plains further inland. The weather is more variable than Gran Canaria and Tenerife, you can still see rain and even snow in the higher mountains.

Stephen Roche Cycling Holidays & Training Camps: February – June
Trek Travel:  January – May
Duvine:  November and March
Andy Cook Cycling:  March
SportActive: February – May



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Home to many pros year round, not just in winter, Girona is one of Europe’s more popular cycling hubs. Definitely not as warm as the island locations however. You can still feel a bit of real winter here. The terrain has everything from the mountains to the sea. In addition to amazing cycling culture, Girona has a growing and popular cafe scene with many trendy and delicious coffee stops.

The Service Course Girona: November – March
Bike Breaks Girona: Open
Trek Travel:  October – December
Eat Sleep Cycle:  Open


 Nice and Côte d’Azur

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There is a common theme in this post – all of these great winter cycling destinations are home to the pros. Nice is no exception. Nice is super easy to get to, the airport is basically right in the town center. Just outside of the city you can climb several famous cols, many of which feature in Paris-Nice.

Azur Cycling Tours:  Year round
Café du Cycliste:  Year round
La Fuga:  March
HC Bike Tours: Year round



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Good road quality, little traffic, and a variety of terrain, Andalusia is again home to many pro teams in winter. Andalusia has several climbs over 2000 meters. This area of Spain is deserty and boasts over 300 days of sunshine per year.

Cycle Sierra Nevada:  February – April
Wheels in Wheels: March – April
Andalucian Cycling Experience: December – April


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