Bike Brands for 2013

Focus Izalco

The bike is one of the most important components of a cycling tour.  Whether you’re a serious cyclist or riding for leisure, you must consider comfort, price, and convenience.

The most comfortable option is bringing your own bike, but there is the cost and hassle of dealing with airline travel.  A tour company fleet or rental bike is more convenient, but the geometry might be different than you’re used to.  They do however, offer a great opportunity to test out a high-end machine during your tour.

Here is the list of all cycling tour company bike brands for this year:  

Company                           Bike Brands                         

Backroads                                     Own branded titanium and Specialized S-Works Roubaix

Bikestyle Tours                            Cannondale Synapse

Breaking Away                             Parlee Z4 and Z5

Butterfield&Robinson               Cannondale

Ciclismo Classico                         Bianchi Via Nerone 7

Cycle Italia                                     Torelli

Discover France                            Look 566

DuVine Adventures                     Cannondale SuperSix, Formigli Raguel, Cannondale MTB, Giant Hybrid

Experience Plus                            Van Nicholas titanium

French Cycling Holidays            Trek

iBike Italy                                       Bianchi

InGamba Tours                            Pinarello Dogma

On The Road Cycling Tours      MMR Miracle

Phil Anderson Tours                   Malvern Star Oppy C6

Pro Cycling Tours                         BMC and Giant

Punto Tours                                   Wilier Gran Tourismo

Sports Pulsions                             Trek Madone 5.2

Thomson Bike Tours                   Bianchi Sempre Pro

TopBike Tours                               Giant Defy

Trek Travel                                     Trek Domane 5.9 and Madone 6.5

VBT                                                    Fuji

Velo Classic Tours                        Focus Izalco

Velo Vercors                                  Trek Domane 4.3, Madone 4.5, Alpha Series 1.5

Cannondale SuperSixWith most companies, these bikes come at an additional cost. They can cost between $250 – $600 for the trip.  Even companies that offer bikes standard as part of the tour package will charge extra to upgrade to a nicer bike.  For example, Backroads includes their own branded titanium road bike in their trip price, but it will cost $400 to upgrade to the Specialized S-Works Roubaix.

A handful of companies either prefer for you to bring your own bikes or do not list other options. These include: Bespoke Velo, Bike Sherpa, Brevet, Cinghiale Tours, Destination Cycling, Granfondo Cycling Tours, Jemison Tours, Ride Strong Bike Tours, La Fuga Travel, Rapha Travel, Velo Veneto.

Wilier Gran TurismoTravel Notes – as a good rule, always bring your own saddle and pedals and helmet no matter which bike you will be riding.  This will help insure your comfort. Pack your pedals, bike shoes, 1 kit, and helmet in your carry on, so if your luggage gets delayed, you can still start your trip!

On a tour, do you prefer to bring your own bike or experience other bike brands with one of the rental options?  Let’s discuss in the comments.

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