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  • Bike Brands for 2013

    Focus Izalco

    The bike is one of the most important components of a cycling tour.  Whether you’re a serious cyclist or riding for leisure, you must consider comfort, price, and convenience.

    The most comfortable option is bringing your own bike, but there is the cost and hassle of dealing with airline travel.  A tour company fleet or rental bike is more convenient, but the geometry might be different than you’re used to.  

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  • On The Road Cycling Tours partner with Movistar Team

    Movistar Team

    On The Road Cycling Tours has partnered with the Movistar professional cycling team to bring you a pro-style VIP experience at the Tour de France and Vuelta Espana for 2013.

    The Tour de France trip features the TTT in Nice and the first week in the Pyrenees.  Two trip dates are scheduled for the Vuelta Espana; the starting weekend, and the final week chasing mountain stages.