Cycling Tour Hub turns 2

cycling tour hub

At the end of March the Cycling Tour Hub blog will turn two years old.  It has continued to gain a small but loyal readership, even though I shamefully allowed things to go dormant for a period of time while living in Australia.  Slowly over the last year, the most popular area of the site has become the job listing page, grabbing over 40% of total traffic.

Now I’d like to turn to you, readers of this humble little site, and ask you what you’d like to see from this blog moving forward.

  • Do you enjoy the interviews?
  • Do you want more travel tips?
  • Do you want me to actually go on all these cycling tours and do first-hand reviews of destinations, companies and services?  (Let’s be honest, me too! Still waiting for that first tour invite… )
  • What topics or articles do you find most useful and interesting?  Least useful and interesting?
  • Would you like industry guest posts?
  • Should I write more frequently?  (Answering for myself, yes.)

Your feedback is appreciated, and will be taken into consideration for the future growth of this site.  Let me know your thoughts below in the comments, on Twitter, or through the confidential form on the About page.

Thanks for reading this corner of the internet.  Now, go get on your bike!

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