Experiences instead of things – a cycling non gift guide

experiences instead of things

First it was Black Friday, now Cyber Monday. A few weeks ago I started to write a cycling gear gift guide for you, but then deleted it. Staring at the blank screen, I thought instead about the fundamental idea behind this website. It’s a resource to inform and hopefully inspire. It’s about helping you to find a spectacular cycling experience. At its core then, this means valuing moments and experiences instead of things. As both cyclists and travellers, perhaps we understand this concept more than most people.

I mean, I love gear. We all love gear. Especially bikes! But if we’re honest with ourselves we’ve probably already got everything we need. Looking at my own exploding kit and shoe closet, probably even more than we need.

Experiences on the other hand introduce us to a whole new world. Traveling lets us take on new challenges and immerse ourselves in new cultures. We gain new perspectives, make new friends, and create amazing new memories. These memories become a part of who we are and last a lifetime. And we know of course, that the best way to do this is by bike.

So go on and plan an adventure for 2018! Go ride all the legendary bergs of Flanders, ride across the Pyrenees from sea to sea, ride every kilometer of the Giro d’Italia. Get a bunch of your friends together and do a self-guided tour of Tuscany. Or just go solo and take off bikepacking for a few weeks.

The point is to JUST GO. Buy plane tickets instead of gear. Tick some stuff off your cycling bucket list next year. Create memories of a lifetime with an amazing cycling experience.



Now tell me in the comments.. where are you going this year?

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