How to Pack Your Bike for Air Travel


You’ve got your cycling trip and air travel all booked.  Unless you’re taking advantage of the bikes offered by your tour company then it’s time to think about how to pack your bike and get it safely to the start of your tour.

If you already have a bike box or bag, perfect!  If not, here is a good review of the best bike boxes and bags.

Since there are slight variations in packing details depending on which style of box or bag you have, there are four different instructional videos here.

How to pack your bike

Hard shell:

Scicon bag:

Clam shell:

Cardboard box:


If money is no issue and you don’t want the hassle of dragging your bike through airport transfers, shuttles, and trains, check out BikeFlights.  They will pack and ship your bike to and from the destination of your choosing.


**Travel notes:  TSA agents at airports are notorious for opening bike boxes and not putting everything back in.  I once had a client arrive in Italy with only 1 Speedplay pedal… not a fun way to start a tour.  Always pack your pedals, bike shoes, helmet, and 1 kit in your carry on bag.  Never pack these with your bike.  In addition to lost parts, if your bike is delayed by the airlines, you can still start your tour on a rental bike with your own kit, pedals, shoes, and helmet!

Have any tips on how to pack your bike?  Share in the comments.

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