New Tenerife cycling tours – Pro Ride Tenerife

Tenerife cycling tours

Pro Ride TenerifeThere is a new and interesting company offering Tenerife cycling tours. Launching just in time for winter is Pro Ride Tenerife. These tours are aimed at serious cyclists who want a full pro-style training holiday.

Tenerife is one of the top winter cycling destinations for the pros. Pro Ride Tenerife want to immerse you completely in this pro experience.

There are three tour options:

  • Ocean Experience:  8 days on the hilly Tenerife coast. Average 110 km and 1750 meters of elevation per day.
  • Volcano Experience:  8 days on the Teide volcano. Average 130 km and 2250 meters of elevation per day.
  • XL Experience:  This is a massive 15 days combining both the Ocean and Volcano routes. Super pro! There are also training programs available.


Our mission is to offer you a cycling experience that is usually limited to professionals, on the same roads and with even better on-road support. We want to be your sport director, your domestics, your road captains, your mechanic, your masseur and also your friends!


All tours offer daily massages, a real team bus, pro mechanic, and 2 guides. You also get the benefit of a pro rider who will share their racing experiences with you. Tour groups are kept to just 10 riders. High-end road bikes are available. Choose from Wilier, Pinarello, or Cannondale.


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